Weekend Wrap up

Monday mornings always hit so hard. especially Mondays around the holidays. Our company is on “Shutdown” so most of the people are not back until January 2nd. Lets just say it is quiet around these parts.

18813ba36fa1f5797f525ad7d74255c9My weekend was nice and lazy. It is really rare for me and CJ to have a weekend with no commitments and to be able to actually spend more than an hour with each other.

After my run yesterday the two of us made breakfast and then settled in on the couch to watch a movie. I had so much cleaning and laundry to do but the couch just sounded like way better idea. So with coffee in one hand and petting lola with the other we sat for a few hours watching The Town. I’ve only ever seen it when it is playing on TV so it was great to finally see it from beginning to end.

fee8304118f555288e55aef4da4d5cb7Finally around noon we decided we were going to take down the christmas decorations this weekend. I normally wait until New Years Day but with nothing else to do and really messy house it just seemed like a good idea, and I’m glad we did, now we have a nice clean house we don’t have to worry about on our day off this week.

Then we packed up the pup and headed over to my sister/mom’s house for dinner and the pats game. We love spending Sunday dinner with my family, even after we moved out we still find ourselves stopping over on Sunday afternoons.

Lets wrap up this weekends eats.


  • B-broccoli, spinach, chicken sausage omlette
  • S-Pretzel crisps and humus
  • L-No lunch
  • D-Grilled chicken with brown rice and broccoli



  • B-Broccoli, spinach, turkey and cheese omelette with some sweet potato home fries
  • S-Pretzel crisps and humus (this is officially gone…I can’t have these things in my house I eat them all)
  • L-Panera, tomato soup and a chicken ceaser salad
  • D-BBQ chicken, a little bit of mashed potatoes and broccoli
  • S-2 york peppermint patties.


I apologize for the awful Iphone photos

Now lets talk about goals for this up coming week.

I am trying to cut down on the coffee. I currently only drink my own at home but the problem is I use coffee mate (I know I know) I’m completely addicted to this one flavor but I’m working on cutting it out completely.

Run Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. At least one of these needs to be hill sprints.

Crossfit Monday, Tuesday, Saturday. My rest day will be Thursday.

Clean eating: I did really good with this last week even with christmas in the middle. This week we have NYE at my sisters but thankfully I talked her into grilling for dinner rather than chinese food.

Happy Monday!!


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