Binge eating

Binge. Oh what a dirty little word that is. For anyone who has been over weight I’m sure this word is somewhere in your vocabulary.

Binge: a noun; : a short period of time when you do too much of something.

How simple and yet one of the most complicated issues to address. When I was at my heaviest this was my biggest fault. I was not only a binger, I was a closet binger. I would hide food, sneak food, pretend it wasn’t me that ate it, maybe if I wasn’t caught and no one knew I ate that bag of Doritos, maybe it wouldn’t count….wrong.

I use come home at night from my retail job with a bag of chips and a diet coke hiding in my pocketbook. I would wait till my mom went to bed and then I would sneak it into my room and eat it before I went to bed. Hiding the evidence in my side table. How ashamed I was. How embarrassed I was.

I can proudly say those days are behind me. But every now and then I still have to battle the binge monster. It happens with out me even realizing. Pretzel crisps and humus, I can sit and eat the entire bag in one sitting with out even realizing I did it-Binge. I can eat lunch and then a half hour later want another cup of coffee with something sweet even though I just ate lunch-Binge. I can be sitting at work and be bored at 2pm and dive head first into my trailmix while absently eating the entire bag-Binge.

This is a topic I’ve address with many of my clients and many of my friends. It’s something no one wants to admit they do but we all do it. Here are my tips for stopping the binge monster from taking over.

  1. Get up. Get up, go to bed, go for a walk, find something else to do. Binging usually happens when I’m bored. Sometimes at night when I’m relaxing before bed. A lot of times I will get up, take a shower and go to bed.
  2. Always portion snacks. I know myself and I know if I have a bag of pretzel crisps sitting on my desk, by the end of the day I will have eaten that entire bag. So to stop that, I portion out a serving size of my snack and then I don’t have to think about it.
  3. Always keep your goals in mind. Sometimes when I fall into that dark hole, the only way to pull myself out is to remember where I started and what my goal is. On days when there are donuts and bagels all over my office, I remind myself constantly what my goals are, and that that donut is not going to do ANYTHING for me.
  4. Stay positive. NEVER EVER let a binge turn into a self-hatred session! Just because you slipped or you had a bad day, do not put yourself down. This is a reason I never use the term “Cheat Day” If I chose to eat off of my “plan” than I accept that, It doesn not mean I cheated or I failed. Handle binging the same way, accept it and move on. Let your next meal be spot on!

It has taken me a long time to come to terms with all of this. To not hate food or myself. I am human and I make mistakes that does not mean I fail. I have accomplished so much and I just have to remind myself how far i’ve come.


3 thoughts on “Binge eating

  1. i love that little binge monster, he takes some of the seriousness out of disordered eating, forces us to look at how food is… well, just food (at least to the “normal” eaters out there). your tips are great, too!

    thanks for sharing!

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