Snow is coming

I woke up this morning so confused on what day it was. Having a holiday in the middle of the week really throws me off. I kept thinking today was Monday, nope its thursday!

New Years Eve was amazing. Just the way I like it, nothing fancy just me and my family having a ton of fun. We are the family that when the drinks start flowing the country music gets cranked and everyone is singing and dancing. We are just happy to be together to ring in 2014!


We woke up yesterday and dragged our butts still in our pjs over to my sisters for breakfast. My sister made two different breakfast casseroles. One with eggs, hash browns, and sausage in a crockpot and the other was a cinnamon roll one made in the over. The cinnamon one was delicious but I REALLY enjoyed the egg casserole.

We didn’t have anything planned yesterday so we came home and relaxed for a bit, Lola was completely bored with the fact that it was a New Year.

lolaWe had a couple free passes to Chunkys that could only be used Monday- Thursday so we decided to take advantage and go see The Wolf on Wallstreet. It was really good, a little longer than I expected, it was 3 hours long! I love me some Leo though! At chunkys I skipped having anything to drink, just a seltzer with lemon and lime and for lunch I had their grilled chicken salad. I forgot to ask for no cheese and I really don’t like cheese on my salads so I picked around it a lot, I also had a few handfuls of popcorn.

This morning we are all waking up to lots of snow and a lot more to come. They are saying it is going to continue to snow all the way to Friday at noon, giving us over a foot.


It’s already coming down pretty hard here so it will be fun to see how much we end up with!


I love the snow so I say just let it keep coming down!!


Work outs:

On New Years Eve we did the Filthy Fifty at the box.  I have to admit as awful as that WOD is, it is my favorite.  This is my fourth time doing it and my fastest time yet, 29:29!

I took yesterday off to rest and i’m actually regretting that, I’m extremely sore today and if I had gone for a quick run yesterday I probably wouldn’t be so bad. I am supposed to coach tonight at the gym so I will head in early and get my work out in.


This morning I started with an oldie but a goodie. A cinnamon and raisen ezekiel muffin with peanut butter and an apple


Excuse the paper plate. I didn’t feel like dirtying a dish!

My plan for dinner tonight is stir fry. We have some veggies that are on their last leg and need to be cooked!

I should probably go outside and shovel a path for the princess to go to the bathroom. Have a great Thursday everyone!


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