Weekend Wrap up

I suppose the fun had to end. Two extra days at home because of snow and no more holidays.


But on the bright side. Mondays mean back to a routine and I love me a good routine. I’m hoping my classes tonight at the gym will be back in full swing, we’ve had little showing the last two weeks because of the holidays.

So lets wrap this up

Friday: Getting to work from home was fantastic. I did end up having to go to a wake Friday night but we didn’t stay long there. I headed over to Burton’s to grab a drink and some apps with the girls. We haven’t gotten to sit down and chat just the 5 of us since the holidays so it was really great to catch up.

Saturday: Coached a great 7am class. Then I head to head out for the Funeral. That took up most of my early morning came home and got some cleaning and laundry done. It’s amazing how fast my laundry piles up even when I was barely at work this week. I also treated myself and bought a new Again Faster Rev rope I’ve been needing. When they announced a new Neon Line I knew I needed to own the pink on! CJ and I decided to stay home saturday night and make some pizza and continue with our new addiction of watching Parenthood.

Sunday: Egg sandwiches, errands, groceries, and laundry. Going back to work means lots of preparation on Sundays. I do love Sundays though because there is no rush. We got up, had coffee and breakfast and relaxed on the couch (and watched parenthood, we are both completely addicted now) Finally dragged our butts up to get groceries. CJ grilled up some delicious steak and I made some steamed broccoli and mashed cauliflower. It was so good!

All and all our weekend was just how we like it. Relaxing and getting to spend time together and with friends 🙂

I have a few posts I’m working on about tracking and measuring weight loss. I’m also going to post my own along with my first set of progress pictures. BLEH!

Happy Monday!


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