Letter to My Former Self

Dear former, unhappy, unfit, Angela,

I first would like to start this letter with a hug, I know how badly you need one right about now. Then I want you to suck it up, the way you feel like right, it is not going to last.

Where you are right now and the way you are feeling is temporary. You are going to pull out of this. I know you feel alone, and unhappy is an understatement. You’re working a job you hate and you spend the time you’re not at working eating fast food, or sneaking chips and diet coke into your room and I know your so ashamed of the habits you’ve created and you want so bad to be fit, and happy, and healthy, I know.

Something wonderful will happen though, you are going to meet someone. Now I know it’s so cliché to say you are going to find your strength and lose the weight for someone else but it’s the truth. Your going to meet a man who gives you that strength and the power to get out there and take what you want. Not only that you’re going to get a new job that you LOVE, this will give you the routine and the stability to get to the gym and have a diet that is stable. All of this will make for the perfect formula to get your shit together.

Now I don’t mean to burst your bubble here but the man and the job don’t last, they were great for the short time you had them but it just wasn’t meant to be. You are going to find a new love of your life and you get a new job, not a job you like but I think it’s going to build character and shape the road for the future. But beyond all that, your going to find happiness. Your going to get involved in Crossfit and find the best friends and support system you could ever ask for. Your going to build an amazing relationship with your sisters and your family that you always wanted and your paving the road for a really amazing future.

I know things will get tough at times but you and me both know how strong you are, you will pull through and be better. I am so proud of hard you work and what an awesome person you are turning out to be. I know all you want in life is to make people proud, your family, your friends, your clients, and trust me, you do!

So my little lady, just keep trucking on. I know sometimes you feel like your running in quick sand but I see great things in our future!



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