Fun Fact Friday

1. ITS FRIDAY! After two weeks of not working full weeks it was hard to make it all the way to friday this week. But it’s here and it’s glorious!

2. I really want to be a person who goes out on Friday nights, it always sounds like such a good idea. But by the time I get home on Fridays after getting up at 4am everyday, i’m pooped. It takes every ounce of effort to get a work out in before I crash. Anyone else feel like they are 80 instead of 24?!

3. My girlfriends and I have started to discuss plans for a mini vacation this year. One of the girl’s parents have a house down in FL so we are trying to find the best time to sneak down there for a few days and get away from it all! I ‘m ridiculously excited about this.

4. I finally got my new AgainFaster jump rope yesterday!! I’ve been needing to order a new RevropeX for some time and couldn’t pull the trigger, until they released their new neon line and I HAD to have the pink one!!

1525177_10153651151845456_1898370076_nI waiting all of 20 seconds before I had it measured and ready to cut so I could use it for last nights WOD.

5. Speaking of last nights WOD. my arms were SMOKED! I did the WOD that was actually programmed for Wednesday because I missed it and it was brutal. I am trying to make it a point to Row 3k before at least 2-3 WODs a week. Where I’m not running as much I like to get in a really good warm up.

Yesterdays WOD was:


  • 2 Clean and Jerks at 95lbs
  • 10DUBs

I got 7 rounds of this

Then rest 3m


  • Wall balls (14lbs)
  • BB OH lunges in place
  • HR push ups

By the time I got to 15 push ups I just laid on the ground contemplating if my arms were ever going to work again! lol

6. I am trying to decide if I want to head in for a WOD tonight or go for a run. I’m planning on running on Sunday because the temps are supposed to be in the high 40s low 50s (much better than the 3 degrees it’s been)

7. I have a post planned for later today about my struggles with getting my boyfriend on board with weighloss and how I’m having a hard time with him falling so far off the wagon lately. It’s been a difficult post for me to write but I could use some advice.

Have a great Friday everyone!!!!


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