Weekend Wrap up

Seriously, where did the weekend go? I feel like I just sat down and relaxed on Friday night, now it’s already Monday.

This weekend was a pretty good one. Nothing too exciting.

Friday night when CJ got home from work we had a little bit of celebrating to do so we cashed in our Smokey Bones loyalty card almost a free dinner! I got their new Chopped chicken salad, it was ok. I would have prefered it with grilled chicken rather than the chopped, almost canned-liked, chicken that they had on it. Plus two glasses of chardonnay.

Saturday morning was up bright and early to coach my 7am class. If it wasn’t for these people I’m not sure I’d be able to get up most Saturdays.

After class I did the programmed WOD and it was a DOOZY!


  • 5 Toes to bar
  • 10 Hand release push ups
  • 15 Hang squat snatch.

I ended with a score of 206 (6 full rounds plus 11 snatches)

Then we had to rest a bit and then Row 20 minutes for distance. I got roughly 3894 meters.

I’m still sore today.

Then I came home and made myself a fantastic egg sandwich and had a lime greek yogurt on the side.


The egg came out perfectly runny. There is no other way to eat an egg sandwich


I tried really really hard to take a nap saturday afternoon but it just didn’t happen. Usually I have no problem napping but Lola thought playing was a better idea.


Saturday night I went to my nephew’s dance fundraiser and then to my sisters to watch the patriots play off game!

Sunday morning as much as I wanted to sleep in I had to get up and get some food in me before my run.

I had a cup of coffee and then an ezekiel muffin with 1tbsp of pb and 1 hardboiled egg.

sundayI headed over to my sister’s house for a run. We tackled a nice easy 2.74 miles in just about 30 minutes. Her neighborhood is super hilly so are always a bit slower when we run there

runThe rest of sunday was spent like every sunday, errands, laundry, and relaxing. We also took lola to finally get her nails trimmed. They were getting so long it sounded like she was wearing tap shoes all the time.

lolaThat about wraps up my weekend. Later on today I will be posting my new “before” pictures and my measurement. This was extremely hard for me to finally see the numbers and have to accept where I am but I think it was also the boost I needed to really kick this in gear.

Have a great Monday everyone!


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