Kicking coffee

I have an addiction that I seriously need to get help for. I am addicted to my coffee. Multiple times now I have tried to kick this habit, I use to only drink tea, but I can’t seem to do it.  The problem isn’t the coffee, the problem is what I put in my coffee. You see, I don’t like any old coffee, I never stop at dunks or starbucks, I strictly want my coffee I make at home. I make starbucks house blend K cup and I put cinnabon coffee mate in it. < bad very very bad! lazy

I know how bad the coffeemate crap is. I’ve read the ingredients. I am just so addicted. I know that this has been a factor in my weight gain. When I’m home I can easily drink 4 cups. I just love it. SO I have tried to kick this craving. As of right now my plan is to just treat myself on the weekends to a cup, during the week, Tea only! but I’m not going to lie…I’m exhausted. I didn’t think I depended so much on my caffeine fix during the day but I really must because the last two days I can’t hold my eyes open!

Anyways lets chat about my day yesterday. If you haven’t seen it yet I’ve posted my January “weigh in” I need to find a new name for that because I don’t like the idea of weighing in, I haven’t even stepped on a scale.

My Eats:

Breakfast: A cinnamon and raisen Ezekiel muffin with a tbsp of peanut butter. 1/2 cup of blueberries. and a cup of Lipton tea.


  • Snack around 9am: a oikos lime greek yogurt.
  • Lunch: Salad with grilled chicken, 1 hb egg, and balsamic vinegar.
  • Snack around 1pm: pretzel crisps with humus
  • Pre WOD: small banana dipped in pb
  • Dinner: chicken stir fry over brown rice.

*I packed some really good food yesterday and I was satisfied but i’m struggling with the time between breakfast and lunch. I have my snack but then i’m still in need of more. I need to mess with this time slot a bit.

*More water. I need to make it a point to drink more!

Works out yesterday

I ran 1 mile before class with the other coach Kayla. She kept me at a good pace and didn’t stop once.

Then I worked front squats: 5X3 @ 15X2 (that means holding 5 seconds at the bottom and it was brutal)

Power cleans 4X1.1.1 @ 85% – I did these at 135 and they were a struggle.


  • 10Power snatches @65
  • 9GHD situps


It was a pretty great day yesterday 🙂 Have a great Tuesday everyone!



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