Kicking coffee

I have an addiction that I seriously need to get help for. I am addicted to my coffee. Multiple times now I have tried to kick this habit, I use to only drink tea, but I can’t seem to do it.  The problem isn’t the coffee, the problem is what I put in my coffee. […]

Starting Over-January measurements

Alright. Here we go….. January 2014 Weight: I do not actually know this….I currently don’t have a scale. Thigh: R-24.5 L- 24.5 Calf: R-14 L-14 Hips: 42 Lower abs “pooch”- 40 Stomach: 37 Bust: 34 Looking at these numbers I’m happy to see i’m not where I started but certainly not at my best, but […]

Diets and Boyfriends

Alright, Here is where I need some advice blog world. If there anyone reading this, please let me know how you would handle this situation. When I started dating CJ back in 2011 I had just spent two years losing 100lbs, I felt great and looked great and was out of long-term relationship so I was […]

Fun Fact Friday

1. ITS FRIDAY! After two weeks of not working full weeks it was hard to make it all the way to friday this week. But it’s here and it’s glorious! 2. I really want to be a person who goes out on Friday nights, it always sounds like such a good idea. But by the […]

What I ate Wednesday

*Currently I am in a workshop for my job that is taking up my entire day. I am throwing this post together and promise to come back with something with a little more meat and potatoes when I have more time* Breakfast: Coffee. I showed you guys the delicious breakfast I was having yesterday it […]


I never wanted to think I would fail at this. I was so proud of the hard work I had done. Every time someone I know would say “do you know Angela lost 100lbs” I would glow…. Today my gym posted a video of a work out we did last week and I sat and I […]