What I ate Wednesday

*Currently I am in a workshop for my job that is taking up my entire day. I am throwing this post together and promise to come back with something with a little more meat and potatoes when I have more time* Breakfast: Coffee. I showed you guys the delicious breakfast I was having yesterday it […]


I never wanted to think I would fail at this. I was so proud of the hard work I had done. Every time someone I know would say “do you know Angela lost 100lbs” I would glow…. Today my gym posted a video of a work out we did last week and I sat and I […]

Another Snow Day

Best part about living in New England, snow days! Because of the over 12 inches of snow currently outside my house I get to work from home again today. Thank you storm Hercules I was on my own last night so I decided to make something spicy and delicious for dinner.I think this was the best […]